Welcome to my portfolio. Here I have interesting coding projects I have worked on. Please note that most of these are fairly old and most of my recent work is confidential work in my day job.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a little web browser you may have heard of. I worked on this during my fourth co-op term at Mozilla, and in my free time. I have mostly been contributing patches to the accessibility module of Firefox. I became a committer a month and a half into my work term.

List of Patches I Contributed

Eclipse Orion

Orion is an open source web development tool platform made to run in the browser. I worked on the Orion project during my co-op term at IBM, primarily focusing on making the Orion UI accessible. I became a committer two months into my work term.

List of Client-Side Patches I Contributed

List of Server-Side Patches I Contributed (These are really still client patches, but just happened to be in the server repository. I include these for completeness.)

CS 488 Ray Tracer

My final project for the graphics (CS 488) course at the University of Waterloo was a ray tracer. Ray tracing is a particular technique for generating images of 3D scenes. You can look at the images I generated.


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